The aim of the project “MiMa - Mathematics in the Making” is to counteract early resignation from mathematics. It intends to help elementary school students in developing a stronger interest and competence in math, also enhancing their social and civic skills, and so contributing to increase students’ chances to success both in school and in life.

The objectives chosen for its achievement are:

  1. To create a new teaching methodology based on hands-on activities to rise math attainments of students (setting of a new math teaching methodology at European level);
  2. To train math teachers for organizing laboratories based on interactive and hands-on activities, in which it will be encouraged creativity, cooperation and group work between students (training of teachers); 
  3. To test the math laboratories with 8-10 year old students checking their improvements on the overall attitude toward maths, involvement in the lessons, self-confidence in their learning potentialities, and capacity to effectively understand and approach math concepts (pilot test of the methodology for math competences and monitoring of results); 
  4. To improve students’ capability of verbal expression and their sense of European civic responsibility, involving them in the organization of connected exhibitions open to the public in each of the participating countries, in which they will become guides for the visitors, and will feel responsible for contributing to the positive result of the event (pilot test of the methodology for transversal competences).