WP 3 Development of the MiMa course contents and tools

The objectives of the WP are: 

  • to create the program and contents of the teachers’ training course; 
  • to select the 10 hands-on activities that will be tested with students; 
  • to produce a video with 10 lessons showing the steps for the realization of the hands-on activities; 
  • to create the draft version of the dedicated tool-kit .

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) will be the coordinator of WP3 and will ask each partner to prepare a proposal with two hands-on activities, brief instructions for their execution and any other information considered useful for their implementation. Proposals should be sent to SHU after three months from the request, so that SHU can compare them and ask the partners to make changes, if necessary. After three months SHU will upload the file “PROPOSALS” in the project virtual space. 

During the 4-days transnational meeting in UK partners will: 

  • present and validate collectively the 5 proposals; 
  • define the program, content and structure of the teachers’ training course, 
  • define the structure and the contents of the laboratories in primary schools; 
  • discuss the structure and contents of the draft version of the Dedicated Tool-kit”.

SHU will also arrange during the transnational meeting the shooting of partners experts on how to produce an object. Each partner trainer will be filmed for 6 minutes (3 minutes for each activity) for visually showing the steps of the hands-on activities presented in the proposal; the video will last for 30 minutes in total. The partners will use their own language during the video shot, but SHU will be responsible with the support of the other partners for preparing the English subtitles to add to the images.

SHU will organize the meeting in UK, the production of the Video lessons and DVDs.

Duration: April 2014/November 2014 (8 months)


  -   Proposed activities

  -   Videos of MiMa-activities