WP 5 Implementation of the MiMa laboratories

The objectives of the WP are: 

  • to field-testing the methodology and the tool-kit organizing laboratories with the direct beneficiaries of them, 8-10 years old students of elementary schools; 
  • to organize exhibitions using the products realized by kids in the laboratories.

UNL will coordinate the partners to assure that in each country it will be organized from 1 to 3 laboratories. Teachers will conduct the laboratories activities, and at the end will collect the outputs, the maths objects. Then, it will start the second phase in which they work with students in the preparation of the final exhibition, preparing texts to use for the explanation of the activities to visitors. The exhibitions will happen at least one month before the end of the WP, and the students will actively be working in the event, being asked to become guides of the exhibition. The exhibitions will be documented with pictures posted in the virtual space of the project from each partner. Partners will monitor the results of the WP, being in close contact with the teachers for the whole time of the WP, and assisting them when necessary. At the same time partners will be in strict contact with each other, in order to give assistance and advice to teachers and students that are in difficulty. UNL will at the end of the 6 months organize a transnational meeting, aimed at the sharing of the results of field-testing in chools and of exhibitions.

Duration: March 2015/31 October 2015 (8 months)