WP 7 Project dissemination

The purpose of the dissemination strategy will be: 

  • raise awareness; 
  • inform; 
  • get input/feedback from the community; 
  • promote outputs and results throughout the life of the project. 

A Dissemination Plan (DP) will be assessed in order to explain how the project will share information and outcomes between partners and stakeholders. The DP will be shared among all partners and approved by SC during the first 2 months of the lifetime of the project.

At the end of any dissemination event a short questionnaire will be handed out to understand what participants thought of it.

It will be realized a specific logo and a project slogan that uniquely will identify the project as well as informative material of the project (leaflets). The DP will also define the rules for project communications (i.e. lay-outs, colours, fonts etc ) to make uniform the communication to the outside and immediately due to the project. 

During the international meetings will be organised dissemination events made at national level by each partner; all partners will be involved in their implementation. Dissemination events will aim to transfer the results to the community and key stakeholders and to try to persuade them to adopt or apply the final results. 

The website will be a key tool for the dissemination activities allowing the immediate sharing of all the news between partners and stakeholders. It will allow to reach the widest users as possible by providing detailed information and contacts for people interested in the project and its possible future developments.

It is also foreseen the creation of a Project virtual work space, strictly restricted to project partners. 

Duration: December 2013 / November 2015 (24 months)