WP 8 Project exploitation

Exploitation will start at the beginning of the project together with dissemination activities and will be carried on throughout the project's lifespan.

Each partner will be involved in all exploitation activities. The aim of the exploitation strategy is the optimisation of the impact, the enhancement and improvement of the sustainability of the results and, at last, the involvement of potential beneficiaries of the project’s results asking for a feedback from them. 

The Exploitation Plan (EP) will be a part of the overall Dissemination Plan and will be shared among all partners and approved by SC during the first 2 months of the lifetime of the project.

EP will include tools, methods and strategies for effective project’s exploitation. Furthermore EP explains how the project will share outcomes with stakeholders and relevant institutions and organisations and how it will contribute to the overall exploitation strategy of the project.

During the WP3-4-5, that are the core WPs of the project, Focus Groups will be made at national level by each partner responsible for the WPs. These Focus Groups will have a dual purpose: 1-to involve parties outside the project to work closely with the project’s partners giving feedback on it. 2- to test on potential beneficiaries of the project’s results the goodness of the activity that is being carried out

Among the exploitation activities will be included the creation of an informal network of partners who can mainstream and multiply the results of the project sustaining the results of the project beyond its lifetime. This network will be assessed at the beginning of the project and will be developed throughout the whole life cycle.

A formal agreement between the partners for the exploitation of results and products will be prepared. The draft of this agreement will be defined during the second International meeting of the project and signed during the last meeting, once discussed, shared and accepted by all partners

Duration: December 2013/ November 2015 (24 months)