WP 1 Project Management

P3 Poliedra will be the interface with the managing authorities and will ensure the regular progress of the project by coordinating, stimulating and supporting the execution of the activities, in agreement with the project scientific coordinator, following the project proposal.

Each Partner Project Manager will prepare the project progress reports, including project spending forecast. The Management Coordinator will collect all the partner’s reports and related supporting documents verifying their congruence. Then, the Coordinator will prepare the payment claim and the activities reports. These will include the expenditures carried out in the reporting periods and will transmit these documents to the Management Authority together with the Progress Report.

P3 will also act as contact person with an External Auditor in charge for the costs certification and related supporting documents and will check their congruence with the rules of the UE.

Duration: December 2013/ November 2015 (24 months)


  -   Administrative and financial plan