WP 4 Teachers training course

The objectives of WP4 are: 

  • to involve primary schools interested in the testing of teachers training course and laboratories with students in all participating countries; 
  • to update the draft version of the tool-kit with teacher advice and comments.

Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) will be responsible of WP4 activities. Within two weeks from the beginning of the WP, partners will contact and select 1-3 primary schools/school districts in their country for the field-testing of the methodology. Then, there will a selection of at least 3 teachers in each school/school district to involve in the training course, that will last for 12 hours, divided in two modules: MODULE 1. “HOW TO REPLY THE MAKING OF OBJECTS;” MODULE 2. “HOW TO REPLY THE MAKING OF THE EXHIBITION.” 

The training course for the selected teachers should happen within two months from the beginning of the WP. Teachers will be trained by the partners that will explain the methodology and the hands-on activities, also with the help of the video lessons, and each teacher will receive a video as part of the course material to be able to consult and better study its activities. At the end of the training course teachers will be asked to provide advice and tips about the tool-kit. Before the end of the WP, ELTE will ask the partners to prepare a document summarizing the course results, will collect them and upload in the project virtual space together with the tips and tricks. The documents should be ready at least three days before the meeting that ELTE will organize in Hungary. 

The meeting in Hungary will last for three days, and its objectives are to discuss the results of the testing, and consequently to validate the methodology, the collection of ‘tips and tricks’ and the final version of the tool-kit.

Duration: December 2014/ February 2015 (3 months)