WP 2 Definition and validation of the common MiMa teaching methodology in primary schools

The main objectives of this WP are:

  • to collect and evaluate best practises on teaching maths to kids in each of the partners’ countries on the basis of common shared criteria
  • to define the structure of the innovative methodology they will test in primary schools;
  • to set the guidelines for its implementation.

Within two weeks from the WP beginning, the University of Perugia (UNIPG) will arrange an on line meeting  to discuss about the common criteria to use in the best practises research, classification and analysis that each of them will perform in its country. UNIPG will collect information provided by each partner by the deadline agreed and it will elaborate a final Report (Collection of good practices) and a Proposal of the methodology to implement in the project.

During the second on-line meeting which will be organized at the beginning of the 3rd month of the WP-leader, partners will share data, information and evaluations collected in the reports and they will debate and validate the interactive and hands-on maths teaching methodology to apply in the following steps. On the basis of the principles agreed, the University of Perugia will finally produce a document in EN “the Guidelines for the implementation of the innovative methodology”.

Duration: January 2013/ March 2014 (3 months)


  -   Collection of good practices

  -   Guidelines for the implementation of the MiMa methodology

  -   Protocol of validation of the MiMa methodology