Modelling the solar system

Children will replicate the inner solar system in their playground based on a scale of   1 391 900 000:1 or 1.391 x 109:1.  The model of the sun will have a diameter of approximately 1m.  The scaled model of the sun, the earth and the other inner planets will be made in three dimensions and will be placed in their correct orbits to the same scale.  If extended to include the outer planets, the children will also need to use some public facilities in the school neighbourhood (such as a coffee-shop or a garden).



Additional material for the implementation of "Modelling the solar system":

Scaled model of the sun and the earth

The eclipse experiment

The mathematics of the eclipse experiment

The concept of scale

Placing the inner planets

Extending the learning

All in one

Here you can download an app (in English and Portugese) for finding the places where to put the planets: GooglePlay or AppStore 


Additional material in Portugese:

Material complementar com sistema solar